Zane Character Study

Zane Truesdale also known as Ryo Marafuji in the japanese dub, Is one of best characters of yu-gi-oh gx. He's what I wanna look like when I shoot up a school.

Now you see, Zane used to be your average super duelist until one day he started loosin' like crazy. Losing is not good for one's dueling career so he got tired of respecting his opponents and dueling passively, so he went to hot topic and bought the edgiest clothing he could find and became HELL KAISER (hell emperor). He ditched his bitch ass cyber dragon deck for the CYBER INFERNO DECK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so cool right? Now Zane is the cruel super duelist every middle schooler wishes they could be.

I am not a middle schooler but if I was...i'd start crying because middle school really sucked and I never wanna live through that shit again :( Buuuuuut I would be the epic hell kaiser of orlando, florida!

Fuck yo u trevor i hate you bro

zane smirkin
君を誘って世界を見たいな 誰にも出せない答えが夢の中にある 僕を信じて 咲かそう just take my heart 人生は続いてく