fuck you motherfucker

I lost a brother and I have to live the rest of my life without him Everyone knows dragon balls don't exist not in real life I remember the scene of the funeral and the moral shock I knew that his absence would hurt but there, the lack is colossal And apart from all that I work every day I kill dirty productions I pray every day No more blowbacks, it's only blowouts The Ixils are making sensational comebacks I'm willing to admit I'm an exception But my sister, I don't have anything exceptional Kamehameha on the fly: Jirene Don't come and ask for news, it's not worth it I'm in the time room: hard, we train With the brother we spend a year but that one day on Earth We empty full Monsters, they Belvederes We lift the whole room to the deadlift Everyone recognized the sound: it's Gsx-R Everyone recognized the Seat yeah it's that of the brother If Frieza comes we break it Cell at his game we amaze you Bo without pity we scar him Little by little the condition is getting worse Our trainings are blows of kalash' We train with rage The dumbbells, we rip them off Yeah we push like Apaches Tournament of power we put all the universes in agreement When we arrive in Lemon, Florian whistles the start of the war Carpets, rings and bars we don't spare any dumbbells End of the session, we go back to the showers, we have to quench our thirst Saiyan blood, we will always prefer peace to war Squat my circle of friends and welcome to the new area Humor on call, it's in the family that we consider ourselves, all because we have the look of a too venerable sayen